Automate and Scale Your Business Using the Power of Webinars and This System
EWM (EliteWebinarMastery) was designed to clear the confusion and put you on a fast track to webinar success! 
My name is Casey Zeman and I've 
been working online since 2010.  I'm the founder of EasyWebinar which was created to help you sell your products and services using webinars. 

 We have over 6500 customers including Amy Porterfield, John Lee Dumas, Ryan Lee, Devin and Melanie Duncan, and many more.  

"Not only am I the hair club president, but I'm also a member". I have used webinars since 2011 to build my list and it continues to be the number one source for selling my products and services. (I only use EasyWebinar for all my webinars)
A little bit about my back story! 

I was in the real estate business for several years and was earning a 
comfortable 6 figure income...then the recession hit. 

I went from great to rock bottom in just 1 year. At my financial bottom, I made only $15,000 FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR! 

I discovered the power of generating leads online. I didn't know anything about the internet, but I had no other choice than to learn a new skill set...Fast!

I started falling in love with the power of video and YouTube and after about 6 months of learning about it...I landed some clients.  I was fortunate enough to work with such names as Estee Lauder, Harper Collins, and Dell to name a few. 
I was comfortable with video from my days as an actor, I was getting views, but not converting much if anything into real sales. 

THEN IT HAPPENED!...  I invited people to a webinar. 

FINALLY!  - My first dollar.
In the next 12 months I earned $245,264.25 using WEBINARS. 

At first I was TERRIBLE at presenting webinars.  I would often times over share, stumble over my words and 'Sell' horribly...but after all that was said and done, 
I still made money.  Why? 

Because webinars naturally build a know, like and trust...because it is your opportunity to connect, teach and engage with an audience looking to learn something.  As long as you teach something that solves a problem for your audience you can earn their trust! 
And Nowadays, I use the Power of Webinars...both live and 
automated to do thousands of dollars a day in sales per day. 
Even to Sell EasyWebinar! How Meta.  A Webinar Funnel Selling A Webinar Platform!
Marcia Ramsland of
Again, why are webinars so powerful?
Webinars allow you to present to prospects valuable information solidifying you as the expert in your niche.  
Webinars build a "Know, Like & Trust" relationship with the viewers.
Webinars allow you to sell higher ticket items. I've tested and have seen prices from $97 to $3k.
I use both:
...For leveraging more of my time while still staying engaged with my audience!
But Sometimes Webinars Can Be Scary...

So What Stops People From Doing Webinars?

Does this sound like you?

  •  I see big name people doing webinars and it seems totally intimidating!
  •  I don’t think webinars work in my business.
  •  I get overwhelmed with all the TECH of a webinar, so I never start.

  •   I don’t want to look like an idiot or say the wrong things on a webinar. 

  •  I have a fear of trying it and failing.

  •  What if I don’t make any sales from it?

  •   I don’t have time to do a live webinar.
Here is the thing...Webinars are easier than you think...and only take 2 things...

The truth's not your fault that you haven't done a webinar yet. 

If you've had to ear to the grind stone then you've heard every story as
 to why you WON'T succeed with running a webinar. 

 You've heard that to profit with webinars, you needed to be an NLP (Neurolinguistic expert) or have public speaking experience. 

 You've heard that you have to be a tech ninja to run them and often times doing a BAD webinar can tarnish your reputation forever.  

The simple truth is that these stories are all HOGWASH. They are complete bull. 

They were made up by people who figured out just how easy it was to run a webinar for profit...but they didn't want you to profit like they were.  

And the so called gurus who claim to do 100k on a webinar were throwing out those over inflated numbers to scare you from thinking that you could ever be at all like them. Making the divide between them and you...even greater. 

You see the truth is kind of scary. 
 It's kind of painful to hear. 
It's kind of a slap in the face. 

The truth is you could have started doing this strategy months, years ago if only you hadn't been so freaked out from starting in the first place .
You see the truth is...webinars are easy. 
Here is the thing...webinars don't require as much as you think.
They come down to 2 things...
Sincerity & Value
And most people that finally decide to run a webinar who've listened to those 'gurus' find themselves coming to grips with a rude awakening. The techniques of too salesy...too fluffy...too manipulative completely bites them in the ass.  

The truth is again that only 2 things are required...sincerity and value...and when you figure out how to tap into what you essentially already 
have inside you, you start to profit.  

And profit more than you ever expected. 

  • You start to value yourself, your product, your time and your life more. 
  •  You focus on the things that truly matter in this world because you are so sure of what you offer and the value it has. 
  •  Nothing ever comes from a fake place, but an always firm belief to your core of how your product can help to change someone's life.  
  •  You raise the stakes in what your audience misses out on when they don't get your product...because your stakes were raised. 
  •  You stop waiver on your decisions in life. 
  •  You start making clear and concise decision without panic or fear. 

How would that sound to you to get to that point? 

To have that level of confidence, freedom, consistency, and POWER.
To truly know that you’ve got this and solved things?

Well, if you said yes to any of this…then you're in the right place to start the implementation process.  Welcome to Elite Webinar Mastery. 
So What Is So Friggin' Awesome About Automated Webinars?
They can be just as hot as live webinars and here is why.  

Automated webinars allow you to pre-record your webinar events so you can create a flawless webinar ahead of time without having any of the potential concerns that come with doing them live. 

No more problems with your sound and video, no more internet cut outs or browser issues, no more technical blunders...and no more fear of saying the wrong things at the wrong time. 
Automated webinars are when you finally tap into leveraging more freedom and time in your business. You leverage your perfect show instead of always trading time for money.  You can start to SCALE UP your business using Automated Webinar Funnels...

You see live webinars still = TRADING TIME FOR MONEY
The Power of Automated Webinars
Eric & April Perry -
"Casey has changed our lives. We were doing 2-3 live webinars a week. With a family and a job I was tired... With automated webinars we don't have the pressure. The webinar is just running. People are so grateful we offer webinars at 8pm now. We couldn't do that before with live webinars. Thank you Casey. " 
Want Proof? 

Just ask John Lee Dumas who uses our platform. We got him set up for an automated webinar and within his first week , he did 16k from it. 

 We also lessened his work load for the entire year using an automated webinar!
"Casey is responsible for IGNITING my Online Trainings, leading to 7-figures in sales, and growing every day!"
John Lee Dumas

Devin shares his story and kick butt strategies in this program!

Or Melanie and Devin Duncan & Amy Porterfield who use 
EasyWebinar in their businesses...

Devin recently got on a call with me to tell me that he is doing 20k using our platform not every year, not every month, not every week, but get this...EVERY DAY. 

"Everything Casey does is quality. His teaching is authentic and actionable and his EasyWebinar software is working incredibly well in many of our businesses. He cares about his community getting results. We know that anytime we go to Casey, he will come through." 
-Devin Duncan

Or Jason Caruso, who with a full time job and family to support, was backed into a corner with a lack of time. As a full time professional and father, he had no time to run the webinar live during the time he wanted to for his audience. 

He knew he wanted to do the webinar at a certain time which would be perfect for his audience, but he just couldn't be there to run it live. So on a whim, he ran it as an automated webinar, and from that ONE webinar...(Not a webinar streamed multiple times!)...

He made 14k dollars...
Bozidar Jovicevic - Career Advancement Niche
"I enjoy Casey's skill as a coach. Some people are great at teaching webinars, but not everyone is good at transferring knowledge to other people. I was in Bali during the live group coaching and for me it was 5am. I actually looked forward to getting up at 4:45am and learning what Casey had to teach for that day." 
Diane Wilkins- Authentic You, Web Broadcasting
From a business point of view my life has just exploded since meeting Casey and working with Easy Webinar. It absolutely opened the world to us. No longer any borders or boundaries in broadcasting our message. It was a case of "Watch out world here we come"!


Listen, you don't have to believe me when I say this. The simple fact is that our customers have also tested this theory and compared to a evergreen launch funnel...hands down...the automated webinar funnel beats out the traditional launch funnel every time.

(I call this process the "EVENT LAUNCH BLUEPRINT")

And it's THE key to killing it with webinars! 

But the question is...'Casey, how and where can I learn this stuff?'

How can I learn about:

1. Automated Webinar for tapping into automation and engagement which means more time and freedom? 

2. Launching my products, services, coaching with webinars using your '4 Steps to The Event Launch Blueprint'?

3. A blueprint for mapping out not only what each page of my webinar funnel should be, but also different techniques to getting more registrants and of course a better show rate on my webinar? 

4. Creating high converting sales webinars that will continue to work for me over and over again...and more importantly, make sales? 

5. Use the power of LIVE webinars to build a better relationship with my audience and in turn sell my products and services in the least spammy and gross way possible?  
The Drum Roll Moment...
In my brand new program called 
Elite Webinar Mastery! 

This program is the most complete webinar program for anyone looking to profit from both live webinars and automated webinars.  If you are a coach/consutant, product creator, or service provider, this program will give you the strategies needed for creating webinars that attract, acquire and earn revenue. 

No matter if you are trying to leverage webinars for yourself or your clients.  

This is the program that will give you FULL webinar clarity to start profiting right away.  

The content is consumed in a membership area with modules that have been broken down into bite-sized digestible videos which can watched at your convienence.  

There are not only video tutorials, but also assignments, downloadable action checklists, funnel templates, training PDF's, supplemental documents, visual guides and more...
Please Note: This course is not a cheap investment.  

a. It's not a cookie cutter course.  
b. It is not a THEORY based course.
c. It's not a 'leave you in the lurch' program.

What I can say is that this is an online program designed to provide you clarity and growth.  As such when you invest in this program you are investing in your continued education into some of the top levels of automation and marketing success.   

By the end of the program, if you follow the training and assignments, you will have a webinar that is working for you up and running even before the program ends...but you have to take action! 

While you're here, let's get these stigmas out of the way about Webinars! 
 -Don't I need to have a product or service 
of my own to run a webinar? 

Nope...You see webinars sell the best...period...and automated webinars sell the best on autopilot. (No matter whether you're sky-diving over the Galapagos Islands or Spelunking to the center of the earth...)

But NO, you don't need to have your own product. You can promote other people's products! Yep, I know I am blowing your mind right now. 

You can use the power of webinars to promote someone else's product and make sales from it. This is called affiliate marketing...and inside...I teach much more about this. 

In fact I show you a way to promote an already existing automated webinar inside the program that is tested to convert! :)

-Can I learn this stuff even if I am a beginner? 

Well, we all have to start somewhere. I would say yes, but having a base knowledge of autoresponders, page builders, social media, wouldn't hurt. And of course understanding your own reason/vision for creating your company will certainly help you with this program...But guess what, I don't assume anything and show you from step 1 what you need! 

-Do I need to invest in any other webinar system around if I get this program? 

The answer is NO you don't. This program takes a holistic approach to webinars in such a way that it teaches you how to craft and create your webinar, build your list with webinars, sell your programs and courses, get more people to your event, do 1 time launches or evergreen launches and understand the power of automated webinars for sales while you sleep.

- Automated Webinars that seem live are lying to people! 

Wrong...the person using it in an improper way is LYING to you. I will teach you how, with massive integrity, use the power of automated webinars to stream your workshops in the most honorable way...just like some of the top marketers out there. (Because we have worked with and coached some of the top marketers out there regarding automated webinars.)

-With automated webinars I can't have scarcity or make specific 
offers on evergreen. :( 

Eh, wrong again! True, most people don't quite know how to roll in scarcity into their automated, evergreen offers, but there are certain killer tools and options out there that can make your offer as urgent as if it was closing for good in 48 hours. 

-If I don't have a high converting sales webinar that I have run live, I can't jump into automated webinars...

Ok well this one is partially true. You see, you need to test your webinar to make sure you can make sales with it. If you can on a live webinar, then you will on an automated one as well. this course, even if you've never done a live webinar, you will be able to walk away with a live webinar done and under your belt. (As long as you follow all the steps that I teach in the program)
EWM is for you if you looking interested in...
  • List Building
  • Lead Generation
  • Selling Online Courses
  • Qualifying Clients
  • Selling Digital Products
  • Selling Physical Products
  • Running Virtual Summits
  • Virtual Open Houses
  • Running Online Weekly Courses
  • Positioning Yourself as an Authority
  • Selling Affiliate Products
  • Running Online Live Classes
  • ... and Much Much More
Dr. Fred Rouse- Certified Financial Planner
Casey stands out from the crowd for a couple of different reasons. First, his products actually work and second Casey is actually interested in you using his products and getting results. Casey teaches you to use his products to work in your business. If you have the opportunity to work with Casey Zeman, don't pass it up.
(Yes we are using a truck theme!)
Module #1
Webinar Foundations

Lesson 1: What can you use a webinar for? The different applications and why.

Lesson 2:  What will your webinar topic be about?

Lesson 3: What Platform are out there and what will you use?

Lesson 4:  What style of webinar should I do? Me in front of the camera? Presentation with Slides? And if so What is the best slide presentation software to use?

Lesson 5: What Are the Needed Tools for Business ? What do I need for running an online business + using Webinars?

Lesson 6:  What tech gear do I need to run my webinars? In this lesson we dive into what tech gear we suggest for running a webinar studio from home. From audio, to camera, to lighting and of course how best to be wired in when running a live stream from home.  The type of internet speed that is best etc.

Module #2
The Pre-Webinar Phase

Lesson 1:  Overview of Webinar Flow (Timeline) The best sales funnel on the planet.  Let's get a 60k foot view of the webinar funnel itself.

Lesson 2: The Breakdown of the Webinar Funnel.  Let's look at the pages all in a row of what makes a webinar funnel! 

Lesson 3:  Break Down of  a High Converting Registration Page
Time for a deep dive look at getting more signups using these registration page strategies.  

Lesson 4:  3 Types of Thank You Pages for Greater Attendance, More Trust & A Cost Benefit Solution.  The thank you page is probably the most valuable yet under utilized page in your webinar funnel.  In this lesson we open your eyes to actually creating ways to PAY for your marketing by making sales even before your webinar has started. 

Lesson 5:  Scheduling Your Automated Webinar: From one time automated to recurring in your attendees local time zone, you'll learn the various scenarios that can work for you! 

Lesson 6 Promoting Your Webinar (A webinar is 5-7 days out.  How would you start to market it?) This lessons takes a deep dive into several things you can do to start to market your audience to get more butts in seats! 

Module #3
Webinar Day Events

Lesson 1 :  6 Strategies for More Conversions in your Webinar.  It is time to craft a high converting sales webinar.  This is where we break down and work on the psychology of your presentation that caters to both heart and logic for maximizing sales.

Lesson 2 :  The 5+ things your automated webinars should have in the slides themselves. (different from a live webinar) Automated Webinars have a unique scenario.  How do you create engagement and a one on one live feel while not being there?  In this lesson you will learn how to tweak your slides and presentation to where it has a more intimate and live feeling without duping your audience.  It’s not about tricking them, it’s about enhancing their experience in the best possible way.  

Lesson 3:  Trust Your Voice.  In this lesson we are going to talk about you and your abilities.  Most people would rather die than speak in public.  We are going to teach you how to feel comfortable getting in front of the camera and speaking to you audience.  The flow of your live experience.

Lesson 4:  Creating the right environment for your live experience.  Part of being live (Or the look of being live), is all about engagement. So in this less we will talk about the engagement scenarios that can play a major impact in your webinar success.  Things like chat features, images in your slides and more.

Lesson 5:  What if you wanted to run it LIVE? Well yes this is about automated webinars butIt is so easy for us to make the switch.  In this lesson we are going to go deep into showing you how to use the live video technology with EasyWebinar.  So if you ever wanted to go live and rock out a super successful live webinar event, this lesson will show you how.  From audio and cameras, to inviting guests, to sharing your screen, to putting yourself in front of the camera in the beginning and at the end of the webinar! This lesson will give you turn you into a live broadcasting master!

Module #4
The Post-Webinar Phase

Lesson 1:  The Event Launch Blueprint Overview. The event launch blueprint (What I call it) has been proven to be even more effective than simply using the traditional launch system that is very well know in the industry.  In this lesson we are going to go deep in understanding when and where to use it.  (This system can perform 5-10x better than the traditional method + make 4 times as many sales from a webinar promotion. 

Lesson 2:  Once live now Rebroadcast [The 2x Webinar Sales Method] In this lesson we dive into running 2xing your sales using the Rebroadcast your event [Launch scenario]. From Live to Rebroadcast and the settings and action steps required for it.

Lesson 3:  The Timed Replay [ The next 2x sales multiplier]  The rebroadcast is the first step in stretching sales and the Replay is the 2nd.  But most people don’t set it up properly or maximize their sales again from it.  This process and the Rebroadcast step should allow you to quadruple your sales when running a webinar promotion.

Lesson 4:  Setting it all up and automating it.  (Evergreen Sales)Let’s assume you started with a one time live (Or automated webinar) Now it is time to turn it into an evergreen webinar that runs on autopilot.  We will show you how to change the scheduling and use tools for creating evergreen scarcity and bonus funnels.  

Lesson 5:  Email Marketing Follow up Timing and Copy Optimization for Greater Sales.  This lesson will take a deep dive into the email follow up to the close.  The close is the part where they might be where they have watched but didn’t buy, saw the offer but didn’t click or maybe never showed up to the webinar in the first place.  This is where we dissect the different follow up sequences for the various scenarios that you will find your true buyers vs. your ‘on the fence’ buyers vs. your non buyers. 

Lesson 6:  Cross Platform Pollination.  In this lesson you will learn that it doesn’t stop when the webinar funnel or launch window is over.  In fact one of my best pieces of advice was “The more content one consumes from you, the more likely they are to buy from you.”  Therefore, we want to move all non buyers into a new funnel and ways to consume your awesome content. Such as through a Mini Course or PDF funnel.  We will examine other funnels in this lesson and a way to move these folks into ‘We’ll get them later down the road after sending them more awesomeness’ list!

Lesson 7:  Infusionsoft & EasyWebinar :  A look at funnel building and 2 specific funnels that we packaged up for maximizing sales.

Sonya Ramsey - Author & Speaker
If you're looking for more than just information, but something that you can apply to your business, this is it. Casey is a great person who really cares that you understand how to use this in your program.
If you're considering it or on the fence, just go ahead and sign up for it you won't regret it.
Plus access to these additional 'Value Packed Bonuses'

Infusionsoft Training 

Are you an Infusionsoft user? EasyWebinar has a deep integration with Infusionsoft. With EasyWebinar, you can create tagging based on actions performed during the webinar event. Such as who clicked your offers, if they saw the offer but didn't more. In this training, we pull back the curtain to show you a funnel you can use for yourself + a way to get one of our team to create your AUTOMATED WEBINAR FUNNEL for you. [Valued at $1500]

Traffic With Live Video 

Learn how to use live video (Periscope, Facebook Live Etc) to build an audience which in turn can get more people to your webinars! [Valued at $500]

Managing Your Projects  

How to choose the right team to handle the workload for you. One of the most stressful things is to think you can handle all the work for you. Or you hire a team that actually costs more but also gets you absolutely no value and puts you months back. In this training, you'll know to syphon the right people into your business. [Valued at $300]

Canva & Haiku Deck Training

How to use a free resource like canva to build your presentation slides. Creating your presentation doesn't have to be boring. See how easy it is to build a multi-slide presentation in minutes. [Valued at $300]

Targeted One-On-One Recordings

Be by Casey's side as he talks to individual members guiding them on how to use automated webinars in their specific niche or business. This invaluable training is worth the price of the program alone. [Valued at $3000]

Facebook Ads Training

Stop wasting money or time. We will show you step by step how to create high converting Facebook ads promoting your webinar. [Valued at $1000]

Working with JV's for Promotion 

You don't have to go alone. Leveraging other people's time and list to help you promote your webinar will jump you years ahead of where you are now. [Valued at $1000]

Brand Yourself & Your Project 

Tell the world who you are. Branding yourself and your products are the key to long term success. Get your name or your product's name out to the world. Learn to stand out in a noisy online world. [Valued at $500]

Interviews with Top Webinar Producers 

Timely webinar strategy session with Devin Duncan. Technical strategist for Melanie Duncan, Amy Porterfield, and Todd Herman. Be prepared to have the ceiling taken off your dreams. After this great interview, you will see that there are no limits as to what you can accomplish with automated webinars. [Valued at $2000]
Over $10,000 in BONUSES ABOVE


  Previously recorded sessions that are basically group coaching training, Hot-seats and live Q & A's [For staying accountable] [Valued at 5k]

Office Hours: Each week ask your question in our private members only Facebook group and occasionally be invited to our hotseat session! [Valued at 3k]

Coming in now locks in your $15k of BONUSES 
What are people saying about Casey...
John Lee Dumas
John is the host of Entrepreneur on Fire which is a top Business Podcast. His First Automated Webinar using EasyWebinar made him $16,500.
Jason Caruso
Jason used EasyWebinar and made $14,000 on his first webinar. Now he continues to make $300 -500 a month by automating that same webinar
Rick Mulready
Rick uses EasyWebinar for his automated webinars making 166% ROI after using Facebook Ads to drive attendees.
Elite Webinar Mastery Course PLUS Live Training Hot Seat 

YES, I want access now!

  •   4 Power packed modules with expert training about live and automated webinars. 
  •   Previously recorded sessions that are basically group coaching training, Hot-seats and live Q & A's [For staying accountable] [Valued at 5k]
  • Office Hours: Each week ask your question in our private members only Facebook group and occasionally be invited to our hotseat session! [Valued at 3k]
  •   $10k+ worth of bonus training classes to enhance your sales and conversions with your webinar skills. 
  •   Access to the Event Launch Blueprint Coaching and Training for Launching your products with webinars.
  •   Totaling 18k+ in bonuses!
100% Secure Checkout

FAQ's about the program:  

1.  Will this work for me if I want to learn about the power of webinars in general? 

Yes.  This program was designed to give you a fully holistic training when it comes to webinars. So that even as a webinar beginner, as long as you have a product idea to sell, you can learn everything you need about webinars from this program. 

2.  I am an EasyWebinar customer do I get any deals? 

As an EasyWebinar customer we love you! That is why we have this special offer running for you.  If you have any questions, just shoot me an email at

3.  I am confused, are EasyWebinar and EliteWebinarMastery the same thing?

No, EliteWebinarMastery is my training program and EasyWebinar is the software that does both live and automated webinars.  Yes you can get EasyWebinar by itself without this program by going to  If you would like to speed up your learning curve by understanding how to build out automated funnels and webinar launch strategies, this is the course that will do it.  Our customers who go through EliteWebinarMastery ultimately have more clarity and get lighting results based on strategies that this program has narrowed down.

4.  Can I get a refund on the program? 

Yes as long as you submit the homework that we ask you to complete during the program.  If you complete all of the homework by the end of the program we will give you a full refund.  You must complete the homework within 30 days.  You simply finish the homework assignments before 30 days and send them into us and you can get your money back. 

5.  Do you show me how to launch using webinars? 

Yes! We show you how to create both live and evergreen webinar launch strategies to sell your products, programs and services. 

6.   Do I get lifetime access to this program? 

Yes, once you come through, you can get lifetime access to the members portal, and come back and consume the content at your own pace.  

7.  If I want to learn how to leverage automated webinars to sell my coaching programs, do you have any already done materials? 

Yes, when you come through, we have done for you email follow up sequences that you can copy and paste.  We have script templates for getting more people to your webinars along with curated material that will show you how to set up a webinar funnel right from the start to where you are getting more people into your webinars, and on your webinars to close more sales.  

8.  What can I achieve by the end of this program?

If you watch all the training modules and finish the homework.  In as little as 4 weeks, our goal is that you have a webinar up and running that is making you sales.  Those are results that other customers/clients have experienced and while we can't guarantee anything, we do see that if you go through the training and finish the assignments, you increase your chances of falling into that 4-week success timeline.