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I Want To Show You The Easiest Way To Build Your List Of Customers and Prospects In Your Niche... 
FullScope.TV Premium + OnlineBroadcasts Bundle
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"The COMPLETE Live Video Training + List-Building Software Bundle for more Clients, Leads and Sales." 
Casey Zeman
Founder of & EasyWebinar
"During one of the lowest financial moments of my life my eyes were opened to power of video for building a loyal tribe & profitable business... from that came the strategies & software I implement & create today."
We created a broadcaster's 
1. Individual & date range Analytics designed to make you a better broadcaster. Know what your people love about your broadcasts and then in turn, know WHO your viewers are and how 
they engaged on your broadcast! 

Track who sends hearts, takes screenshots, and shares to their Periscope, Twitter of Facebook communities. This strategy can grow your audience at lightening speed! 

2. Video storage and Free Collabs! We house all of your videos from Periscope and your videos can be available in our public 'Collab' (Collaboration feature, where other people can highlight your free content that you set to public!) Getting you more exposure! (which we might charge for later)  

3. Tweet/Followup functionality. As soon as your broadcast is over come into Fullscope and start to tweet those who came to your broadcasts. You can use this to follow up with the folks who came to your broadcasts. 

Send out opt in links to build your list or surveys/schedule a call links/online applications to work with you. (which we also might roll into a different package in the future) 
But now much more with Fullscope Premium...



*NEW Integration with SnapChat*

Brand new with this release of Fullscope is our integration with SnapChat. 

All of the awesome features you enjoyed with Periscope can now be found using SnapChat as well. 

Know your followers
See the analytics
Market your products and services
SnapChat Analytics
Snapchat is the fastest growing social media platform online and as such brands are definitely leveraging it's growth. 

 As a brand or someone interested in ROI from the platform, unfortunately Snapchat doesn't give you detailed info on follower growth, engagement per snap, and WHO your most engaged followers and friends are. 

 With, you now have that data.
**Build Your Email List**

Periscope has no way of building your list. Links won't send through the comment box.  But with Premium we have created an email list building feature.  When someone who is watching your broadcast adds their email into chat box, it will automatically add that person to any campaign you create with your favorite email provider.  We have an api integration with MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Constant Contact, Ontraport, Aweber and many others.

(This has been tested to convert at
32% and higher)

**Run Retargeted Twitter Ads
 To Your Audience**

Now you have the data to retarget your viewers via twitter ads right after a broadcast happens. This has been tested and we have seen conversions as high as 80% when using Twitter ads coupled with Periscope viewers. [This data isn't available anywhere else. Not even by Twitter]

(This has been tested to convert at 80% for
Twitter Retargeting)

Curate Your Content with Collabs
Paid/Opt-In Conent Gateway

Curate your content into what we call Collabs.   Create a Private Collab and require your viewers to opt in or purchase to gain access.  Or set your videos to public to share in the Collab with other influencers and broadcasters.  Get seen, get heard, and work together.

(The future of instant content &
membership portals!)

Stay Connected and Follow Up

Follow up and win clients using the Fullscope tweet feature. Tweet your viewers individually or many at one time after the broadcast is over to win clients. 

Instantly Tweet For Follow Up To Land Clients and Customers.  (similar to Hootsuite)

Get paid doing what you love

Get paid doing what you love.  As an influencers, we want to add you into our directory for agencies and brands looking to work directly with influencers in a variety of niches.  Taking part in our Influencer collective, any time a brand or agency is looking to do a campaign around your niche, we will make the connection for you and add your broadcast analytic data to the overall campaign to where you can get paid based on your level of real engagement, reach and broadcasting frequency. [Coming Soon!]

Other social platform analytics

As we roll in more live video analytics into Fullscope, you can be part of it.   We are currently working on cross platform data to show you what platforms give you the most bang for your buck for using the power of live video.

Snapchat is just on it's way out! 

Downloadable analytic reports


Give to your boss to determine the success and reach of a live video campaign.

Or give out to potential sponsors to show your reach and brand ambassador potential!  (Make money as an influencer)

(VALUED AT $9288/YR)

Now Create Up To 5 Additional Premium Accounts for 
the Price of One!

Brand new! 

We are now giving you the ability to upgrade 5 additional accounts to Fullscope.Tv Premium.  

Meaning that a total of 6 account can be used when you pick up the FULL bundle package. We will give you 5 more premium accounts to anyone of your choosing.  Give to your clients, friends, and/or colleagues. 

View it as a reseller license to where you can sell it or offer it as a value add when sending a proposal out to a potential client.  Use it to help close the deal and make even more money. 

Imagine what that looks like.  129/mo x 6 = $9,288/yr in value...but you only pay for one license at a pretty insane discount. 

Trusted by leaders world wide
Brian Boitano
Danica McKellar
Al Roker of Roker Labs

Chalene Johnson
Darren Rowse
Sue Zimmerman
Brian Fanzo
Kim Garst
Ryan Bell

(VALUED AT $497)

The Training
Stop Trying To Navigate The 
"Live Stream Rocky Cliffs" On Your Own. 
Speed Up Your Learning Curve With Online Broadcasts.

Are you an author, expert, coach, consultant or influencer

and NOT using live video like in your business? 

Then you need to be here right now! 

Or maybe you're someone who uses live video but you still
haven't figured how to make a living from it.  

Who am I? My name is Casey Zeman. I have been in the online marketing space for the last few years. I starting out doing video marketing campaigns for companies like Estee Lauder and Dell and then moved into building software and training all around using video & live video for building a business and brand you love.Why? 

Because through the years I have found that NOTHING beats video for building a relationship with your audience. That's why I wrote a best selling book called 'Build Your Audience with Live Video' and am the founder of a software called EasyWebinar (that run both live and automated webinars to help you build your audience and sell your products.) Point being...I am a LIVE STREAM DORK. 

So when Periscope came out I got even dorkier! Heck, now I could do live streaming from my iPhone. Periscope, Facebook Live, Snapchat and other live stream applications have changed the game due to how accessible it is to run a live stream. And as such, as someone who was just started out...,I was seeing some awesome growth using it.  

I was seeing about 30 leads a day coming from my Periscope broadcasts and was accounting for about $350-500 in sales as a result. And once I saw those numbers, I was obsessed with knowing why...

Why was it working??

Who was watching??

And why were they interested in what I had to say???

And why did some broadcasts hit home more than others?????? 

All of these questions I wanted answers to...but...Periscope wasn't giving them to me...Which makes sense...They are busy with so many other aspects of their wonderful tool! (so we decided to build the solution ourselves)

All of these questions I wanted answers to...but...Periscope wasn't giving them to me...Which makes sense...They are busy with so many other aspects of their wonderful tool! (so we decided to build the solution ourselves)


I had sort of an idea of what viewers were doing, but not a 'full scope' of who was watching, how long they watched and the actions performed during my broadcasts. Imagine having the ability to know exactly who comes to your broadcasts,how long they stay, and actions performed...what would that provide you?

 - As a BROADCASTER, knowing exactly who your audience is, is the key to getting better as a broadcaster and marketing to that audience.(Knowing the data helps you serve your audience better)

 - And as a BRAND in the world of advertising or even an advertising agency who hires broadcasters...Knowing how your influencers/broadcasters message is being received by an audience is crucial for not throwing aton of money into a campaign that isn't working. 


OnlineBroadcasts is a training program that teaches you step-by-step the answers to each of these fears, concerns & objections plus so much more...and Fullscope is an analytic and marketing tool that works with Periscope and Snachat. It is the first of it's kind that can LIST BUILD on auto pilot for you! 

Does this sound like you?

You really want to broadcast your message, but.... 

... You don't have an email list and need to build one up fast. 

... You're afraid of what people will think   

... There is already someone in your niche doing the same thing  

... You have no idea which platform to choose   

... You don't know what to say   

... You don't think you have the right equipment   

... You have no plan for monetizing your message   

... You don't think you have the time to do it   

... You honestly have no idea even where to start (and even if you did know all of the above..)   

... You don't think anyone would listen to you if you tried 

OnlineBroadcasts & Fullscope.Tv are the answer to your problems! 

Module #1 
Where Should You Broadcast?

Which platform is right for you. I will unravel the wiry mess of all the platforms and the benefits and challenges of each.  We touch on Facebook Live,, Blab.IM, YouTube Live, and More.

Module #2 
Who Do You Talk To?

Who do you talk to? Who is your ideal customer? You'll know exactly how to step into your customer's mind and speak directly to them. We will break down your customer avatar in a way that you never have before. 

Module #3 
What Do You Say?

Now that you know where and who... what do you say? Your content and brand or product message is important. How you say it and how much to deliver during each broadcast is the key discovery in this module.  I teach you 4 of the best types of content for lead generation and sales.  

Module #4 
How Do You Do It?

I will describe the perfect blueprint for your broadcast. Step by step...From the moment you press play, you will know exactly where you are in the broadcast and where you are headed. We will give you actual scripts to follow to build your audience faster than ever before. 

Module #5
Monetize - The Ultimate Plan

Isn't this what your really wanted to know? Now that your roadmap of the first 4 modules under your belt it's time to think about how you will make money with your broadcast. Leaving no stone unturned I will lay out a clear path to guiding your customers down your sales funnel. 

Module #6
Repeat - Automated Webinars

You've perfected your craft of broadcasting online. Now is the time to scale your message delivery by automating your content. This is, of course, where your decision to be trained by me pulls you away from the pack. This is the lesson that launches your message "above the noise". 
I've had the privledge of working with some amazing people... 

And now I want to work with you
Melo Garcia Grief Coach and 
founder of After Chloe
As a Grief Therapist who lost my child Chloe and my parents all within 37 months of each other- many times, many days I feel alone- really alone, but with Casey I feel he truly wants my business to succeed. I appreciate Casey and will always yell his praises!!
"After Casey's Live Video training, I went out and built a list of 2000 leads from Periscope! Since then, I've consulted over 300 clients one-on-one as a grief therapist."
"Casey is responsible for IGNITING my online training leading to 7 figures in sales." 
John Lee Dumas - Entrepreneur on Fire

"Everything Casey does is quality. His teaching is authentic and actionable."
Devin & Melanie Duncan

"Casey delivers not just information but information that is specifically catered to your needs for success!"
Sonya Ramsey
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-Fullscope Premium For Business Follow
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What Are Peeps Saying About Fullscope?  
This lifetime access bundled offer ends soon!
Fullscope Premium
LifeTime Access  
Only one time payment of $997
Includes all of the great features of Fullscope Basic...PLUS all new Premium Features!
THAT EXPIRE SOON! (Valued at $10,473)

Buy Fullscope Premium Bundle today 
and receive: 

1) Lifetime access to ONLINE BROADCASTS 
membership training. [value of $497]

2) The 5 Day Live Video Challenge Video 
Training [value of $97]

3) 3 Live Training Sessions including:
-Facebook Live Implementation Strategy 
[value of $197]

-Fullscope Premium For Business Follow 
up Training for More Leads, Clients, & Sales. 
[value of $197] 

-And finally, How to Leverage the Power 
of Webinars for more Leads and Sales. 
[value of $197]

4) Our private paid members only 
Facebook group (invaluable)

5) And now access to an additional 5 Fullscope Premium Accounts for the Price of One! 
[Valued at $9288/yr]

(Total Bonus Value of $10,473)

Only one time payment of $997
100% Secure Checkout
Online Broadcasts FAQ's

Will this program work if I'm BRAND NEW to Live Video? 

To be honest, I teach some advanced stuff, but I break it down step by step.  By the end of this program, if you follow the training and implement it, you will not only have started your first broadcast, but you would have also started to build your email list and have more people showing up to your broadcasts than ever before.  

What if I don't have anywhere to drive people from my Live Video? 

Inside the course we talk about how you can use different funnels, such as webinars and landing pages for building your email list from Live Video.  However, even if you don't have an opt in yet, building a trust with your existing community is the very first step in this!


Do I need to have something ready to sell?

Nope! You just need to be ready to grow your list and be thinking about how to monetize down the road with a product sale or launch. 

How do I get access to the program?

The entire course is delivered through an online membership site.  There are 2 levels, one is the bundle of OnlineBroadcasts + Fullscope.Tv Premium, and the other is just OnlineBroadcasts by itself.

When do I get access to Fullscope Premium after purchasing the bundle package? 

Once you purchase we are upgrading everyone to the Fullscope Premium manually. So be on the look out for emails from us as to when your Fullscope account has been upgraded! 

Is this package the same as the free version that I already have?  

No, this is a premium package of Fullscope.  This Influencer package includes the list-building features, plus access to our new Snapchat analytics suite and future upgrades! [This is a massive savings on this package].  This package will be 1500/yr, but you can get it now for a one time payment for lifetime access! 

Can I get Fullscope Premium WITHOUT OnlineBroadcasts Included?

No, we decided to throw OnlineBroadcasts together with Fullscope, because it teaches fundamental ways of building your email list and platform growth strategies using live video.  The nice thing about this bundle is that it also comes with 3 live trainings on FB live, Fullscope for business and webinars for more sales and list building on top of access to the OB program and the private paid members only FB group.  

Is there a money back guarantee?

There is a 30-Day money back guarantee for OnlineBroadcasts that states if you use the course, do the work, and don't get results - then you can request a refund. More information on the policy.

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